More Aerial Views

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Isle of Man There have been some great ‘views out the window’ this year and flying to Belfast a couple of weekends ago certainly provided a few. Like this view of the Isle of Man, half way between Ireland and England. You can just about imagine where the TT motorcycle track goes around the island.

Belfast catamaran ferry
As we came in to Belfast there was this glimpse of an HSS high speed catamaran ferry departing Belfast for the 2 hour trip to Scotland.

George Best airport
Belfast’s city airport is named after tragic football star George Best. The only better ‘named after someone’ airport I can think of is Tirana in Albania where you fly in to the Mother Teresa International Airport. Best was as good with a quote as a football, his classics include ‘I blew hundreds of thousands of pounds on wine, women and song – the rest I just squandered.’

Wembley stadium
Returning to London we made a complete circuit of the city. We came in over North London with this view of Wembley Stadium.

London view Then we made a U-turn and followed the traditional approach to Heathrow from the west. The London Eye Ferris Wheel in the top left corner, the bullet shaped Swiss Re building, aka ‘the erotic gherkin’ in the bottom right. The best aerial view of 2011, however, is still Kilimanjaro poking up above the clouds when I flew from Nairobi to Lubumbashi in Congo DRC a couple of months ago.