The Cats of London – another bicycle ride

30 August 2021 | Culture

Having pedalled my bicycle around the London Monopoly board I set out on another Sunday ride with The Fridays cycling group to check out the cats of London. A ‘Purrfect’ ride as they described it. Home to home (including the 10km to Russell Square at the start and bac...

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Pedalling around the London Monopoly Board

15 August 2021 | Culture

The Fridays are a UK bicycle riding ‘club’ who organize bike rides, short and long, often riding at night. Back in 2010 I joined their signature Friday night ride from London to Brighton – midnight at Sloane Square in Chelsea, breakfast at dawn 100km (63 miles) away a...

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28 Interesting images from 2019

25 December 2019 | Living

Of course I posted on my travels throughout the year, including on Vanuatu, Sumba Island in Indonesia, assorted Australia trips like the Torres Strait Islands, Armenia, fjord travel in Norway and Svalbard and polar bears in Norway, the wonderful mosaics of Ravenna in ...

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Some recent European transport encounters

30 July 2019 | Transport

▲  The wonderful old trams in Milan, this one rolling in to the Piazza della Scala. ▲ And some much more modern Italian transport, the high speed Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) about to zip off from Milan to Bologna. ▲ You can't get away from him, an Ed Sheeran concer...

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London – round the city

26 February 2019 | Places

▲ This year so far I’ve been in Melbourne, Sydney, New York City and London. Passing through Gloucester Rd tube station on the District Line this art work pops up beside the line – it’s lettie eggsyrub by Heather Phiillipson, part of the Art on the Underground project...

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