From Source to Sea, walking the Thames Path with Tom Chesshyre

22 January 2024 | Media

Last year I spent three days walking the first 90-odd km of the Thames Path, the 215 mile (346km) walking route along the Thames River from its source in Gloucestershire to Oxford and on down through London to the Thames Barrage and the sea. I stayed at the very ordin...

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Art in London – Ai Weiwei to Warhol, African chaos to ‘bad, but good’ in Japan

8 August 2023 | Living

▲ A jumble of Lego I’ve certainly been catching up with art in London, starting with the Ai Weiwei Making Sense exhibit at the Design Museum in Kensington – too late if you haven’t already seen it, it’s closed. There’s a fascinating linkage between huge numbers of ...

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The Plane Trees of London

4 January 2023 | Living

◄ Plane trees in Prince’s Gardens, London Sitting in the outside dining area of Ognisko, a wonderful Polish restaurant on Exhibition Rd in London, just across from the Science Museum, we were admiring the 21 notable plane trees in Prince’s Garden, well 21 mature on...

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London – Monarchs, Prime Ministers & more Galleries & Museums

23 October 2022 | Culture

It’s certainly been an interesting time to be in London. In one visit I’ve had two monarchs (Queen Elizabeth & King Charles) and soon I’ll be able to tick off three prime ministers (Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and number three is coming soon. Unless – God forbid – it...

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Battersea Power Station Reopens

15 October 2022 | Living

After many years of on and off redevelopment – the first part of the station (Turbine Hall A) opened in 1933, the whole thing closed down in 1983 – Battersea Power Station finally reopened on 14 October 2022. It won’t be generating power any more although the four ico...

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