The Goddess & the City: Kali & Kolkata

23 March 2021 | Media

Melbourne-based photographer Tess Rice’s expansive photographic book perfectly captures that amazing Indian city and the city’s presiding deity, Kali, the Goddess of Death and Destruction who also represents energy, fertility and creativity. I’ve been back to Kolka...

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The Vanishing Stepwells of India

18 March 2017 | Media

The Vanishing Stepwells of India by Victoria Lautman (with a foreword by Divay Gupta) is a stunning large format coffee table book about stepwells. Global Heritage Fund, the archaeology organization I work with, had stepwell projects a few years ago and their descript...

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Cars in India, Cars in Hong Kong – Nanos & Tesla

15 October 2016 | Transport

▲ Tata Nano in Ratnagiri The Tata Nano launched in India in 2008 with the aim of being the world’s most affordable car. The tiny two cylinder 624 cc vehicle was going to get people off their family motorcycles (typically carrying husband, wife and several children)...

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Hampi in India – take 2

9 October 2016 | Places

This is my second Hampi report, following the earlier account of a visit to the Chandramauleshwara Temple. I only had two days in Hampi, there’s so much to see another day or two would have worked very well. ▲ In the Royal Enclosure the imposing Mahnavami Dibba pla...

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Hampi in India – take 1

7 October 2016 | Places

I’ve reported on my visit to Global Heritage Fund’s Chandramauleshwara Temple at Hampi and how pleased I was to finally get to this wonderful temple-studded abandoned city in southern India. So here’s a random selection of images from my recent visit. I’ll post some m...

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