Pesaro & the EDT Ulisse Fest

12 August 2022 | Places

EDT, the Italian publisher of Lonely Planet guides, puts on a travel weekend every year. In recent years it has been in Rimini on the Adriatic coast and this year moved a little further south to Pesaro. ▲ from the left my translator Diego, me, Paolo Nugari and the in...

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San Marino

11 August 2022 | Places

Every time I go to the Ulisse Fest – a wonderful travel event in Italy run by EDT, Lonely Planet’s Italian partner –I also slot in a visit to an interesting Italian destination. Last time, when the festival was at Rimini, I stopped off in Ravenna to see the superb mos...

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Some recent European transport encounters

30 July 2019 | Transport

▲  The wonderful old trams in Milan, this one rolling in to the Piazza della Scala. ▲ And some much more modern Italian transport, the high speed Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) about to zip off from Milan to Bologna. ▲ You can't get away from him, an Ed Sheeran concer...

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Ravenna Mosaics

19 July 2019 | Places

There’s something about being pleasantly surprised by an unexpected encounter, blown away by something you simply did not expect, discovering a place you really did not know about. Now I am a sucker for interesting mosaics – check my Cyprus in the Mediterranean postin...

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Bologna & Rimini

5 July 2018 | Places

Emilia-Romagna – turn east from Rome and head north – tops Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe category for 2018. It’s got a lot going for it: Bologna (the main city), Ravenna (Italy’s best mosaics), Modena (fabulous food), Parma (the ham), Ferrara (a Renaissance gem), Rim...

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