Caroline Herschel – the comet finder

9 August 2019 | Living

▲ The Herschel House in Bath Lonely Planet have a new book coming up on trail blazing women and particular places associated with their stories. Like Caroline Herschel I suggested and took the train from London to Bath to visit the Herschel Museum of Astronomy at 1...

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Some recent European transport encounters

30 July 2019 | Transport

▲  The wonderful old trams in Milan, this one rolling in to the Piazza della Scala. ▲ And some much more modern Italian transport, the high speed Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) about to zip off from Milan to Bologna. ▲ You can't get away from him, an Ed Sheeran concer...

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The Old Ways

10 March 2015 | Media

I finally got around to reading Robert Macfarlane’s much acclaimed (and best selling) walking account – the ‘Book of the Year’ for many critics. Much of the The Old Ways follows the old routes of Britain, including offshore routes both by boat and on foot. That includ...

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Looking at Bath

26 June 2013 | Culture

In my recent tradition of ‘looking at things’ on my recent travels here are my favourite sights in Bath, that most Roman of English towns. And a terrible comfortable English town today. In the town centre the Abbey Church of St Peter & St Paul, started out as a Be...

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Pitt Rivers Museum

22 June 2013 | Culture

Driving through Oxford, Maureen and I stopped to look at the Pitt Rivers Museum. It opened back in 1887 after Mr Pitt-Rivers donated his 20,000 item ethnographic collection to the university. Since then the collection has expanded to 300,000 items, all the sort of t...

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