Summer in Melbourne

6 February 2023 | Living

The Melbourne daily newspaper The Age asked me to say what summer in the city meant to me. So now that summer is almost over – down here in the southern hemisphere – here it is, my Melbourne Summer. What does a Victorian/Melbourne summer mean to you? – it’s so easy...

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Time Rone Melbourne – & Ruins Porn & Chernobyl

10 November 2022 | Culture

In the abandoned ballroom level of the Flinders St Train Station in the centre of Melbourne, Australia-renowned street artist Rone has created Time-Rone an exhibition running until 23 April 2023. It’s not just Rone, he corralled a team of creators with a big budget – ...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes & Novak Djokovic

16 January 2022 | Living

Lots of Covid-19 Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security report noted recently that Greece (3,418), Ireland (3,927), San Marino (4,364), Andorra (4,554) and Cyprus (4,855) had all set new records for ‘per capita incidence per million population of new C...

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Flying the Other Way – London to Melbourne

22 November 2021 | Transport

Back in July 2021 I flew from Melbourne in Australia to London in England and posted how it was a surreal experience. Departing a virtually empty international terminal in Melbourne – the 35 passengers on our Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 was it for the afternoon. Th...

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Richmond before & after Struggletown

28 June 2021 | Living

Struggletown, Janet McCalman’s award winning classic study of ‘Public & Private Life in Richmond 1900–1965’ has recently come out in a new edition from Melbourne University Press: • 'The old Struggletowners, if they could see it now, would not believe their...

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