A Stroll through Sydney

10 July 2023 | Places

I’ve certainly not kept this blog up to date over the last few months, but I’m about to make up for that. My last posting raced along on my 45 day trip from Melbourne to London, a trek which involved train travel in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, Italy, S...

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Norfolk Island

1 March 2023 | Places

It’s a 35 square km patch of Pacific Island, green and lush and about 1600km north-east of Sydney or 1100km north-west of Auckland. The population is a bit over 2000, many of them claiming descent from the Bounty Mutineers who, after kicking William Bligh off HMS Boun...

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Summer in Melbourne

6 February 2023 | Living

The Melbourne daily newspaper The Age asked me to say what summer in the city meant to me. So now that summer is almost over – down here in the southern hemisphere – here it is, my Melbourne Summer. What does a Victorian/Melbourne summer mean to you? – it’s so easy...

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French Island – a strange island in Victoria, Australia

17 January 2023 | Places

Three years ago I wrote Tony Wheeler’s Islands of Australia for the National Library of Australia. It was a wonderful project to be involved with, starting with the discovery (why didn’t I know?) that Australia has more than 8,000 islands. More than the 28 nations and...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes & Novak Djokovic

16 January 2022 | Living

Lots of Covid-19 Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security report noted recently that Greece (3,418), Ireland (3,927), San Marino (4,364), Andorra (4,554) and Cyprus (4,855) had all set new records for ‘per capita incidence per million population of new C...

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