Climbing Mt Kosciuszko to the top of Australia

27 April 2021 | Places

I’d only been to Thredbo, the popular NSW ski resort once before. When Maureen and I lived in Sydney back in 1973, so almost 50 years ago, we drove to Thredbo, via Melbourne, to go skiing. And I’d never climbed Mt Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia, so it w...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – Airline Crew

23 December 2020 | Living

Australia has sailed through the coronavirus pandemic remarkably well despite a short and sharp outbreak in Melbourne (where I live) and the state of Victoria. I looked at just how bad the Melbourne figures were back on 22 August 2020 and then I looked at what it was ...

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Electric Cars – Australia decides to discourage them!

18 December 2020 | Transport

Lots of countries are working hard to encourage electric cars – Norway probably top of the list, the government intends that all cars sold in Norway will be electric by 2025 and they’re already well on the way to that target. Visiting Hong Kong in 2016 I was impressed...

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Trapped in my Courtyard

25 September 2020 | Living

My house has a totally enclosed courtyard and we often have birds nesting in it, for the last few years it’s been a pair of blackbirds who build a nest, lay eggs, hatch out the blackbird chicks. They then hang around for a surprisingly long time before they fly away. ...

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The Circumference of my World

27 August 2020 | Places

Right now my world has a 5km radius. The Covid-19 Stage Four Lockdown we’re currently suffering under in Melbourne, the capital city of the Australian state of Victoria, has three main rules: 1. Mandatory mask wearing anytime you’re outside your home 2. An 8pm to ...

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