Richmond before & after Struggletown

28 June 2021 | Living

Struggletown, Janet McCalman’s award winning classic study of ‘Public & Private Life in Richmond 1900–1965’ has recently come out in a new edition from Melbourne University Press: • 'The old Struggletowners, if they could see it now, would not believe their...

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Tony’s Coronavirus notes: Fortress Australia – getting in & out & getting locked down during the pandemic

13 June 2021 | Living

Fortress Australia has been much in the news of late, here in Australia and elsewhere in the world. We’ve slammed the doors shut and nobody is allowed in or out, as the BBC reports. Well not quite. While Joe Bloggs – that hypothetical Mr Everyman – and his partner Jan...

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Covid Safe App – A$7.8 million of pandemic amusement

7 June 2021 | Living

The Australian government’s Covid Safe App has been one of the more amusing failures (we need some amusement) from the pandemic. Of course the government has been extremely reluctant to admit how much it cost and how well it has worked, but as of 30 April 2021 it appe...

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Moreton Island – lots of sand & right off Brisbane

27 May 2021 | Places

My recent Australian travels featured the climb up Mt Kosciuszko, visits to three ‘big cities,’ Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, stops at smaller centres, the Hawkesbury River, Byron Bay & Tweed Heads, Longreach and Winton, the train trip from Brisbane to Longreach ...

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Winton – Way Out West

25 May 2021 | Places

From Longreach I jumped in a rent-a-car and continued west to Winton, way out west. From Winton if you continue further west you reach Boulia and then you’re out of Queensland and into the Northern Territory. ▲ As you approach Winton there are signs letting you kno...

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