Iran, Hostages & You Didn’t Read This in the New York Times

16 September 2019 | Living

Those bloody Iranians. They’ve currently got three Australians imprisoned – two of them (like me) British-Australian dual nationals. Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert – a Middle East politics specialist at Melbourne University – was arrested in 2018 and has been held in Tehran’s...

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Airlines Flying over Iran

26 May 2019 | Transport

▲ A FlightRadar24 snapshot of the air traffic over Iraq and Iran on 23 May 2019. For a time Iraq was looked upon as being unsafe and everything went over Iran. Today airlines fly over both countries, but not much is going over Afghanistan in the image above, not becau...

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Women Behind the Wheel

27 September 2017 | Culture

The Australian daily email newsletter Crikey summed up the announcement that women would be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia fairly succinctly: The brutal theocratic regime of Saudi Arabia is suddenly everyone’s favourite fundamentalist gang of war criminals afte...

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Borders, Visas, China, Iran & ESTA Disqualification

22 September 2017 | Living

Skift, the online travel newsletter, reported recently on one area where the USA enjoys a considerable trade advantage with China: far more Chinese travellers visit the USA than vice versa and that disparity is growing. Over the past decade US tourism to China has onl...

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Silk Road by MGB – Days 76 to 84 in Iran

3 July 2017 | Places

We’re through to Day 92, our last day in Asia, tomorrow we cross the Dardanelles, from Asian to European Turkey and then on into Bulgaria. But more on Turkey shortly, meanwhile here’s a quick summary of Days 76 to 84 in Iran. Tashi was my co-driver on this stage an...

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