Talk & Travel – Singapore & Komodo

22 December 2015 | Living

This year was Singapore’s 50th birthday and TEDx Singapore featured talks from Singapore's history over that half century: The Undiscovered Country. I spent a few days rediscovering Singapore old and Singapore new and then spoke at the TEDx conference about my nearly ...

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Singapore – old

5 December 2015 | Places

I posted on the new Singapore yesterday, my stays included a spell in the new mega-hotel Marina Bay Sands. I also check out two hotels in Chinatown (New Majestic and Naumi Iliora) and one in Little India (Wanderlust). Two of them featured a development I saw in Hong K...

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Singapore new – and old

4 December 2015 | Places

I’ve been to Singapore twice this year and explored a variety of old and new sites. ◄ I was not knocked out by the Gardens on the Bay – extending from across the freeway from the Marina Bay Sands ‘Integrated Resort’ down to the new waterfront. The big attractions a...

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Cities – Most Liveable, Most Expensive

6 March 2014 | Places

▲ Singapore by night – liveable, brightly lit, expensive Singapore topped a cost of living survey just released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). It’s the most expensive city in the world, pushed up to that pinnacle by factors like extraordinarily expensive...

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Changi Butterfly Garden

10 April 2013 | Living

Always something new at Singapore’s Changi Airport? In fact the Butterfly Garden has been there since 2008, I just hadn’t been in the right terminal (or perhaps the right place in the right terminal?) before. It’s in the transit mall of Terminal 3 (the Singapore Air...

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