Norway – Oslo-Bergen, Bergen & Stavanger

8 October 2019 | Places

Our Norway fjord trip – Part 1 and Part 2 – was preceded by a train ride from Oslo to Bergen and a short stay in Bergen and concluded with a visit to Stavanger, the oil capital of oil-wealthy Norway. ▲ The Bergensbanen is regularly cited as one of the world’s great...

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Norway – the Fjords – part 2

2 October 2019 | Places

With a group of friends we travelled Norwegian fjords around Bergen and Stavenger – I posted Part 1 a couple of days ago. ▲ Now I’m on to Part 2 including the old hydro power station at Flørli on Lysefjord. The building houses one remaining power turbine and statio...

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Norway – the Fjords – part 1

30 September 2019 | Places

It was my second trip to Norway this year. Visit 1 took me up to Svalbard, way north of the Arctic Circle, and to Svalbard’s intriguingly named capital city Longyearbyen. It also led to a cover story on the Australian Financial Review’s quarterly Sophisticated Travell...

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Longyearbyen – Norway’s Arctic Capital

3 August 2019 | Places

▲ The 'capital' city of Norway's far northern island group of Svalbard takes its colourful name from John Munro Longyear, the American pioneer of Svalbard coal mining in 1906. ▲ Visitors come to Svalbard in search of polar bears and the first one confronts you befo...

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Svalbard – way north of the Arctic Circle

9 July 2019 | Places

Maureen and I spent a week on the National Geographic Explorer on a Lindblad National Geographic trip around the Svalbard islands. Look directly down on the north pole on a globe and it’s easy to see Svalbard is in the far north, way far north. At around 76 to 80°N it...

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