Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – catching up

26 April 2021 | Living

The pandemic in the west is generally accepted to have started on 11 March 2020 – it’s when the USA lowered the boom on international visitors and a few days before I had to scurry home from Socotra in Yemen. So today we’re well over a year into this damned thing and ...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – Getting Home to Melbourne

7 January 2021 | Living

We’re currently having another virus scare in Australia. On 23 December I looked at the Northern Beaches outbreak in Sydney, possibly arriving via US airline crew. That’s prompted a border closure between New South Wales (Sydney) and Victoria (Melbourne). One of th...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – Airline Crew

23 December 2020 | Living

Australia has sailed through the coronavirus pandemic remarkably well despite a short and sharp outbreak in Melbourne (where I live) and the state of Victoria. I looked at just how bad the Melbourne figures were back on 22 August 2020 and then I looked at what it was ...

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Where I haven’t been & what I am doing instead: looking at the figures

30 April 2020 | Living

◄ Today I should be in Fray Bentos in Uruguay – of course I’m not, I’m locked down at home. To Brits and Australians it’s a familiar name associated with tinned meat pies. They’re made by Campbell’s Soup in Australia while in the UK the name, according to Wikipedia, ‘...

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Casa – a guide to ‘Home’ – and people who haven’t gone home

4 April 2020 | Living

Lonely Planet’s Italian partners EDT have put out a new guidebook – well the cover at least – for the place we will probably be doing most of our travel in the coming weeks (or months): Home. It features – Tips from the experts – The secrets of the locality – Recom...

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