William Bligh:

Museums & Galleries

19 December 2010 | Culture

OK, it's time to look back over the last year. Starting with Museums & Galleries. Reading through my diary for the past 12 months there sure were a lot of them! Some highlights: ▲  The Alexandria Library right on the Mediterranean Coast in Egypt. An interesti...

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Bruny Island

8 January 2010 | Places

▲  My laptop on the table at the place we stayed, the view out the window The year’s travels for Maureen and I kicked off with a trip with some friends to Bruny Island. Go to Hobart, the capital city of Australia’s island state Tasmania. Drive south from Hobart f...

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Bligh & Bangladesh in Sydney

11 March 2008 | Culture

Bligh’s Third Mutiny I’ve had a long interest in William Bligh, the good ship HMS Bounty and the most famous mutiny in naval history. It’s partly because of the many places I’ve been to which have a connection with Bligh, the Bounty, chief mutineer Fletcher Christian...

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