Crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2

13 May 2012 | Transport

▲  On 5 March in Melbourne, Australia I got up at dawn and drove over to Port Melbourne to see the Queen Mary 2 arrive in dock. A couple of weeks earlier I’d stopped in at Rabaul on my way through Papua New Guinea, having arrived in the country by a very much smalle...

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24 August 2011 | Places

▲ Next April is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic and the Titanic Quarter, a major regeneration of the Belfast docklands where the Titanic was built, will open before that date rolls around. Well ‘it was OK when it left here’ they like to say a...

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Melbourne Museum

5 June 2010 | Culture

I’ve been catching a lot of events at the Wheeler Centre in recent weeks and I’ll certainly be there for the Deakin Lectures starting on Sunday 6 June. Named after Alfred Deakin, Australia’s second prime minister, they’re an annual series of lectures and discussions o...

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