Tony’s Coronavirus Notes & Novak Djokovic

16 January 2022 | Living

Lots of Covid-19 Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security report noted recently that Greece (3,418), Ireland (3,927), San Marino (4,364), Andorra (4,554) and Cyprus (4,855) had all set new records for ‘per capita incidence per million population of new C...

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Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia

2 December 2015 | Places

◄ No question, the highlight of my 2015 visit to Serbia was the whacky Nikola Tesla Museum and I discovered another rather wonderful museum while I was there – more on that one tomorrow. During my visit Central Belgrade featured an assortment of huge statues construct...

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Nikola Tesla – that well known Serbian

1 December 2015 | Places

Tesla – it's that well known Californian electric car – I’ve driven the original two seat roadster, including over the mountain passes in Switzerland, and the current Tesla Model S in both England and Australia. Tesla of course, is named after the scientist-engineer-i...

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