Nikola Tesla – that well known Serbian

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tesla – it’s that well known Californian electric car – I’ve driven the original two seat roadster, including over the mountain passes in Switzerland, and the current Tesla Model S in both England and Australia. Tesla of course, is named after the scientist-engineer-inventor Nikola Tesla who is, along with tennis player Novak Djokovic, probably the best known Serbian.

I certainly kept bumping into Mr Tesla when I visited Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, earlier this year.

IMG_2949 - Nikola Tesla Airport - 54.0jpg▲ First of all I arrived in Belgrade at the Nikola Tesla Airport.

???????????????????????????????▲ Then I changed some money and there was Mr Tesla’s portrait on the 100 dinar note.

???????????????????????????????◄ But my real Serbian encounter with Nikolai Tesla was a visit to the wonderful Nikola Tesla Museum in central Belgrade.

The museum is full of Tesla memorabilia, models, inventions, experiments. You’re shown around by young engineers from Belgrade’s university and then assorted Tesla inventions are demonstrated complete with lots of sparks, discharges, noises, flashes, all good fun. Here we are waving neon tubes around and waiting for lightning to flash! ▼