Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

???????????????????????????????◄ No question, the highlight of my 2015 visit to Serbia was the whacky Nikola Tesla Museum and I discovered another rather wonderful museum while I was there – more on that one tomorrow. During my visit Central Belgrade featured an assortment of huge statues constructed out of car and motorcycle parts. Scrapyard monsters roaming the pedestrianised streets of Stari Grad.





There’s a lot more to Belgrade than museums. Including busy nightlife like the colourful cobblestoned street Skadarska, packed with busy restaurants and bars. It’s a great place for night time people watching. ▼???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????▲ I did find myself in another museum, the Belgrade Automobile Museum, it’s just a small hodge-podge of cars although that does include Tito’s 1957 Cadillac and a Fiat 500 beach car he also used.

IMG_1081 - Tito batons - 540▲ Finally, and I was on my way out to the airport when I dropped in, there was the House of Flowers, ie Josip Broz Tito’s tomb/mausoleum. His tomb is backed up by a mighty line-up of very varied batons which happy Communist youth carried in happy Tito relays. That’s all I got for my 200 dinar, because the Tito museum was closed for renovations and so was the second, smaller museum which houses a collection of all those kitschy gifts that world leaders give to other world leaders. I’d like to have seen the stuffed kangaroo or whatever some Oz leader gave Maršal Tito.