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Two books by Chetan Bhagat

24 April 2010 | Media

Need a page turner while you’re travelling around India? Then try one of Chetan Bhagat’s books. His best selling novels are a fine introduction to contemporary India and the life of young middle class Indians. People leading the charge into software, computers and cal...

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Fernando de Noronha

11 April 2010 | Places

▲  On the Cacimba do Padre beach with brown boobies perching on a rock Sitting at a beach café, sipping a caipirinha, watching the sun set and trying not to be distracted by the girls on the beach in their fio dental, dental floss bikinis. Well someone’s got to d...

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The LP Magazine India

29 January 2010 | Media

Maureen and I are in Mumbai for the launch of the Indian edition of the Lonely Planet magazine. The UK edition launched 12 months ago and our partners BBC-Worldwide are launching more editions around the world including – on Friday 29 January – in India. So we'...

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