Outside Magazine, Bad Lands

2 January 2011 | Places

Outside Magazine’s December 2010 issue has an article – If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be the Taliban – on travelling around Afghanistan with Englishman Geoff Hann’s Hinterland Travel group. Geoff has been running tours through unlikely places for many years and recently – ...

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Dell Computers & Afghanistan

17 September 2009 | The rest

I’ve recently worked with Dell Computers on the Take Your Own Path campaign, basically saying I am very tough on laptops and my Dell laptop has survived remarkably well. The campaign has already launched in the US and will follow in the UK soon. The Minaret o...

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Books of 2005

26 December 2005 | Media

Hardly surprisingly I read a lot of travel or travel related books, some recent titles 1.  Dictators’ Homes (Dictator Style in the USA) – Peter York Amazon USA - Amazon UK Unfortunately the idea – let’s do an Architectural Digest tour of assorted dictators’ and d...

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