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Walking Broadway – New York City

Sunday, 3 May 2015

In New York recently I set out to walk Broadway, it’s the one street which runs the entire length of Manhattan.

IMG_0135 - South Ferry subwayIMG_0203. - Metro Fail 270jpg▲ So I took the subway down to South Ferry.

◄ It was an expensive trip, I put my credit card into a Columbus Circle subway station Metro Card machine, it charged my card US$10, but no Metro Card came out. So I put in US$10 in cash and got a receipt to say the machine had taken my 10 bucks and wasn’t going to give me anything. Twenty bucks down and I hadn’t even started walking.






IMG_0140 - Statue of Liberty 270◄ From the South Ferry stop I looked across to the Statue of Liberty, turned round and headed north.

IMG_0144 - Number One Broadway▲ First pause, Number One Broadway. Only a few steps north and I’m passing Wall Street’s charging bull statue.

IMG_0152 - Broadway & Wall StIMG_0154 - World Trade Centre 270▲ And a few mores steps and there’s Wall St itself.

◄ To my left is the new World Trade Center building.

IMG_0160 - Bleeker St & Broadway 540IMG_0174 - Gridiron Islands 270▲ Then there’s Bleecker St as I pass Greenwich Village

◄ Union Square and one of New York’s most iconic buildings, the Flatiron Building, as I reach Madison Square Park. There are glimpses of the Empire State Building as well …

IMG_0189 - Times Square 540▲ … before the neon bling of Times Square. From where Broadway clips the souith-west corner of Central Park at Columbus Circle. Then it’s on past the Lincoln Centre and the glitzier streets of the Upper West Side, sandwiched between Central Park and the Hudson River.

IMG_0200 - 163rd & Broadway▲ Broadway runs through Columbia University towards the end of the Upper West Side before running into Harlem, where the language switches from English to Spanish with shops like this one at the corner of Broadway and 163rd.

Further north Broadway skirts by Fort Tryon Park with its wonderful Cloisters Museum which I enjoyed on an earlier visit. The museum features a superb collection of medieval European art.

IMG_0202 - Broadway Bridge 540▲ Finally just before 225th St the Broadway Bridge crosses to the Bronx, it’s a kind of disappointing finale, this is absolutely not one of New York’s iconic bridges. My Manhattan end-to-end stroll covered a bit over 13 miles (22km) although Broadway continues for another 20 miles (32km) before it ends in Sleepy Hollow.

IMG_0152 - Broadway & Wall St

Walking Broadway – New York City

3 May 2015 | Places

In New York recently I set out to walk Broadway, it’s the one street which runs the entire length of Manhattan. ▲ So I took the subway down to South Ferry. ◄ It was an expensive trip, I put my credit card into a Columbus Circle subway station Metro Card machine,...

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Around the World in 50 Years

Around the World in 50 Years

29 April 2015 | Media

When I got off the plane in Nauru during my travels for Dark Lands I immediately bumped into Albert Podell. There aren’t a lot of reasons to go to Nauru, if you aren’t unlucky enough to be a refugee who has become entangled in Australia’s Pacific Solution and has been...

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IMG_1117 - Maju Deval, Durbar Square, Kathmandu

Poor Kathmandu

26 April 2015 | Places

In the 24 hours since Nepal was hit by a huge earthquake I’ve been waiting for news from various friends who either live there or have Nepal connections. Over the years I’ve added up more than six months of my life in Nepal – lots of days on lots of trekking routes in...

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IMG_2497 - cycle path parking 540

Parking on the Cycle Path

14 April 2015 | Transport

Three mornings a week in Melbourne I ride about 6km along this cycle path to the gym. Yesterday I came past this point on my way to the gym, but when I came back after my 30 minute session someone had parked right in the middle of the path.

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Where Song Began

Where Song Began

6 April 2015 | Media

Tim Low’s popular book Where Song Began tells the story of Australia’s big, noisy, aggressive and colourful birds. ‘And how they changed the world’ according to the sub-title. I’m no bird expert or even real bird enthusiast, but they do intrigue me and I do regularly ...

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IMG_9952 - Emirates map stalled 540

Aircraft Technology – ahead of the curve

1 April 2015 | Transport

Moving Maps It’s nice to be ahead of the curve sometimes. I spoke at a Future of Travel conference in Spain for The Economist last week and one of the questions I posed was ‘why can’t those air maps I spend so much time looking at work better, give us more informatio...

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IMG_9755 - Southern Robin on my foot - 540

A Southern Robin on my Shoe

14 March 2015 | Living

On my final day on the Routeburn Track in New Zealand I encountered a number of southern robins or bush robins. They look just like the English robin red breast, except they’re bigger and more robust looking and sport yellow breast feathers instead of red ones. The En...

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IMG_9709 - shoe failure - 540

A Gear Failure & a Gear Fix

13 March 2015 | Living

Just before starting out on the Routeburn Track I saw a warning about shoe failure, make sure your walking shoes are in good shape. Well I thought mine were, I’ve got a few pairs of walking shoes and the ones I chose for my New Zealand walk had done some hard miles ov...

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IMG_9683 - Harris Saddle to Routeburn Falls - 540

Walking in New Zealand – Mt Cook & the Routeburn Track

12 March 2015 | Places

I don’t have the best of luck with New Zealand walking. Walking in Nepal the weather has always been beautiful for me. In England I’ve had some miserable days between the sunny ones. In New Zealand they always seem to turn the rain on when I arrive. ▲ The final ste...

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Old Ways pb.jpg

The Old Ways

10 March 2015 | Media

I finally got around to reading Robert Macfarlane’s much acclaimed (and best selling) walking account – the ‘Book of the Year’ for many critics. Much of the The Old Ways follows the old routes of Britain, including offshore routes both by boat and on foot. That includ...

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