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Cursing Grannies: A Chinese Fix for Trump

Monday, 26 September 2016

Last week I discovered the best HK$50 (A$8, US$6.50, £5, €6) buy in Hong Kong. The cursing grannies.

IMG_0754 - Cursing Granny, villain hitting - 540They hang out under the Canal Rd Underpass in Wan Chai:

IMG_0780 - Cursing Granny, villain hitting - 270For your HK$50 they will curse and hit any villain you care to suggest. Your horrible boss, your cheating ex:

IMG_0756 - Cursing Granny, villain hitting - 540Or in my case Donald Trump, after all we don’t get to vote in the US elections, even though it affects us. So at least in Hong Kong I could arrange to have him cursed and hit:

IMG_0759 - Cursing Granny, villain hitting - 540You give them a picture of your villain, they light some incense sticks, make some offerings, put the picture of your villain on a brick with their villain hitting shoe:

IMG_0760 - Cursing Granny, villain hitting - 270And pound the hell out of it, all the while chanting curses:

IMG_0769 - Cursing Granny, villain hitting - 540When they’ve finished pounding and cursing at the villain they put him in a paper tiger and set him on fire. Great value!


IMG_0780 - Cursing Granny, villain hitting - 270

Cursing Grannies: A Chinese Fix for Trump

26 September 2016 | Culture

Last week I discovered the best HK$50 (A$8, US$6.50, £5, €6) buy in Hong Kong. The cursing grannies. They hang out under the Canal Rd Underpass in Wan Chai: For your HK$50 they will curse and hit any villain you care to suggest. Your horrible boss, your cheating...

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IMG_8327 - Barbican Centre - 270

The Barbican & Brutalism

25 August 2016 | Culture

Brutalism in Britain is often seen as post-World War II architecture at its worst. A period of heavy, foreboding, grey, often sinister looking buildings, a style at its peak in the ‘60s. No British buildings better symbolize the Brutalist movement than the Barbican Es...

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IMG_8210 - Son Forca-Forcella Staunies chairlift - 540

Cortina in the Dolomites

24 August 2016 | Places

◄ Cortina – one of those very swish-looking Italian alpine towns, a place that simply looks expensive! It was the last stop on my recent France and Italy circuit. Way back in 1971 on the first Europe trip Maureen and I ever made we camped just north of Cortina in D...

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IMG_7958 - nightfall, Basilica di Santa Maria della Salut - 540


21 August 2016 | Places

My recent France and Italy drive continued from Grosseto to Venice. Of course Venice was as beautiful as ever … ▲ Whether you were looking across the lagoon to the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore on the island of San Maggiore at sunset ▲ Or, a little later, direc...

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IMG_7894 - Gelateria Paradise - 540

Grosseto & Around – beach, hot springs, churches & gelati

13 August 2016 | Places

After our visit to Aix-en-Provence in France my little European foray continued to flashy Portofino and on down to Grosseto, in the southern corner of Tuscany, heading towards Rome. The city has a fine cathedral, remnants of the city walls and an interesting museum. ...

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Leonard Cohen - Songs from a Room - 270

So Long Marianne – and typewriters

8 August 2016 | Culture

Marianne Ihlen – the Marianne to whom Leonard Cohen said ‘So Long’ to all those years ago – died on 29 July. I’ve just read today’s story in The Guardian on a final letter Cohen wrote to her, knowing she would soon be gone. It was Marianne who inspired ‘Hey, That's No...

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IMG_7774 - Portofino Harbour from Castello Brown - 540


6 August 2016 | Places

From our Little French Trip we continued on into Italy for a short stop at Portofino, just south of Genoa. This is the Italian Riviera at its most luxurious, way back in 2001 I spent a couple of days on this coast walking the Cinque Terre coastal track. It was wonderf...

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IMG_7744 - Tadao Ando – Four Cubes, Château La Coste - 540

Wine, Art & a Château

5 August 2016 | Culture

While I was in Aix on my recent France trip we made a little excursion to Château La Coste in Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, close to the town. The winery, restaurant and art complex is owned by Belfast-born Paddy McKinnen who had a colourful tussle for control of London’s C...

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IMG_7378 - Duga-3 early detection array (Russian Woodpecker) - 540

Cold War Relics – in both directions

4 August 2016 | Places

En route to the Chernobyl reactor and the ghost town of Pripyat we made a short detour to an amazing Cold War site. Here’s my diary entry: ‘a fascinating diversion to the Duga-3 early detection array (aka Russian Woodpecker), where the Russians watched out for missile...

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3 August 2016 | Media

I really liked Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story and I’m weirdly fascinated by any country that ends in ‘-stan’ – I’ve been to a few of them – so his earlier novel Absurdistan looked like a certainty. Sure enough the vulgar misadventures of the grossly overw...

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