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Aircraft Technology – ahead of the curve

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Moving Maps
It’s nice to be ahead of the curve sometimes. I spoke at a Future of Travel conference in Spain for The Economist last week and one of the questions I posed was ‘why can’t those air maps I spend so much time looking at work better, give us more information?’ Why can’t I get the Wikipedia story on whatever I’m seeing down below?

Only a couple of days later Airbus put out a story of a new patent for an interactive window which would do exactly what I was asking for. See something out the window, tap on it and the story pops up.

In between I flew back to Australia from Spain with Emirates. Now their moving maps are not too wonderful, they’re not very informative and they’re interrupted far too frequently for Emirates ads and other stuff I’d rather not have to watch. And then they don’t work at all. Between Dubai and Sydney, the map simply gave up an hour or two before the Australian coast and stayed that way. We were stuck, out in the Indian Ocean, like a mobile version of Malaysian Airlines MH370 (although somewhat north of where that flight was supposed to have ended up), for the last five hours of the flight. Useless.

IMG_9952 - Emirates map stalled 540▲ Stuck out over the Indian Ocean

And then there’s inflight Internet
Flying somewhere should be an opportunity to escape from the World Wide Web, out of range of yet more unwanted emails. Still when inflight internet is available I’ve felt obliged to try it out a few times. On that Dubai-Sydney flight you could try 10Mb for free. It worked pretty well so I signed up for another 100Mb for just US$1. Which also worked pretty well until suddenly it fell over, about the same time as the moving map stopped moving. Later I enquired why it wasn’t coming back on and was told it work out over the ocean, but stops once you’re over the Australian mainland, which is counter-intuitive.

A few months before I’d signed up on an American Airlines flight between San Francisco and Los Angeles so I could try out Flight Radar24 while actually flying. That worked fine too, once I’d found our plane amongst all the others heading in the same direction. ‘And look there’s a United flight crossing below us.’ But it all grinds to a halt when you descend below 10,000 feet so you can’t follow your own plane down to the runway.

IMG_9952 - Emirates map stalled 540

Aircraft Technology – ahead of the curve

1 April 2015 | Transport

Moving Maps It’s nice to be ahead of the curve sometimes. I spoke at a Future of Travel conference in Spain for The Economist last week and one of the questions I posed was ‘why can’t those air maps I spend so much time looking at work better, give us more informatio...

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IMG_9755 - Southern Robin on my foot - 540

A Southern Robin on my Shoe

14 March 2015 | Living

On my final day on the Routeburn Track in New Zealand I encountered a number of southern robins or bush robins. They look just like the English robin red breast, except they’re bigger and more robust looking and sport yellow breast feathers instead of red ones. The En...

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IMG_9709 - shoe failure - 540

A Gear Failure & a Gear Fix

13 March 2015 | Living

Just before starting out on the Routeburn Track I saw a warning about shoe failure, make sure your walking shoes are in good shape. Well I thought mine were, I’ve got a few pairs of walking shoes and the ones I chose for my New Zealand walk had done some hard miles ov...

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IMG_9683 - Harris Saddle to Routeburn Falls - 540

Walking in New Zealand – Mt Cook & the Routeburn Track

12 March 2015 | Places

I don’t have the best of luck with New Zealand walking. Walking in Nepal the weather has always been beautiful for me. In England I’ve had some miserable days between the sunny ones. In New Zealand they always seem to turn the rain on when I arrive. ▲ The final ste...

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Old Ways pb.jpg

The Old Ways

10 March 2015 | Media

I finally got around to reading Robert Macfarlane’s much acclaimed (and best selling) walking account – the ‘Book of the Year’ for many critics. Much of the The Old Ways follows the old routes of Britain, including offshore routes both by boat and on foot. That includ...

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Drone Theory

Four Books, one Movie – drugs, drones, Hitler, India & Pakistan, Snowden

24 February 2015 | Culture

Four books which have caught my attention, although I’ve only read reviews. Plus one movie, which I have seen. • Chasing the Scream, the First & Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari, a summation of why this is another war – like the War on Terror – whic...

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Australian cigarette packs

Some Numbers on Drugs & Deaths

19 February 2015 | Living

There’s lots of Australian attention focussed on the fate of two would-be drug importers caught in Bali and possibly facing death in front of a firing squad very soon. A bunch of facts and figures: • The ‘Bali 9’ had 8.3kg of heroin between them and apart from the ...

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IMG_9368 - cockatoos - 540

Lorne – Cockatoos & North Korea

18 February 2015 | Places

▲ With some friends we spent a week at Lorne, a popular seaside resort on the Great Ocean Road about 140km from Melbourne. Lots of things haven’t changed at all, like the wonderful views along the road. This is the mouth of the St George River, just to the west ...

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IMG_9183 - grapefruit - 540

More Tech Challenges – Grapefruit to Google

12 February 2015 | Transport

Grapefruit, Active Control Control, Google’s Self-Driving Car Yes even buying grapefruit can present you with tech challenges. My local supermarket has recently had grapefruit labelled Israeli (on the shefl) which turned out to be Australian (according to the stick...

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Indonesia etc

Indonesia Etc. Exploring the Improbable Nation

9 February 2015 | Culture

I’m a firm believer that you often learn a lot more about a place by exploring it than you ever will by sitting at a desk and reading briefings. Particularly if they come from somebody like the CIA. Indonesia Etc certainly proves that although it definitely helps that...

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