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Brisbane – Bicycles & Do Do Land

Sunday, 23 November 2014

IMG_8038 - Brisbane bicycle hire 270◄  Seems like everywhere I go these days has recently signed up to a bicycle rental scheme. I’ve posted about my encounters with them in London, Paris, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco and now Brisbane. Back in September I was in Brisbane for the Brisbane Writers Festival and one afternoon set out with a friend to try the new scheme out. Seems like anywhere you go the rental systems are put in either by a Canadian company in Montreal or by a French company. This one was the French model although curiously their website was named abo-brisbane-cyclocity, calling something abo-brisbane didn’t seem like a good idea to me!

IMG_8041 - whales, Queensland Museum 540▲ With Jeff I picked up a bike near the Queensland Museum Whale Mall with its wonderful humpback whale models.

IMG_8027 - Submariners Walk 540▲ And we rode along the Submariners Walk Heritage Trail, the stretch of the Brisbane River where US Navy submarines were based during WW II.

IMG_8020 - Brisbane bicycle path 270◄ Passing this typical cycle trail sign which – equally typically – every cyclist was ignoring.





IMG_8021 - Brisbane bicycle path 270◄  Although somebody at the local council seemed to have a sense of humour about it.



IMG_8031 - Gasworks 270





◄ Our ride ended at the Gasworks from where we turned around a retraced our riverside route.












IMG_8055 - Do Do Land 270

◄ The Writers Festival coincided with the Brisbane Arts Festival which featured lots of activity around the city. In particular the amazing aerial performances by the Spanish troupe Do Do Land.











One of those routines which leaves you breathless, where ‘wow’ is the only thing you can say. ▼  IMG_8098 - Do Do Land 540

IMG_8098 - Do Do Land 540

Brisbane – Bicycles & Do Do Land

23 November 2014 | Places

◄  Seems like everywhere I go these days has recently signed up to a bicycle rental scheme. I’ve posted about my encounters with them in London, Paris, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco and now Brisbane. Back in September I was in Brisbane for the Brisbane Writers Fe...

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Eight Months on Ghazzah St

14 November 2014 | Media

Hilary Mantel wrote a number of books before her big breakthrough with Wolf Hall. Followed up by her second Booker Prize winner Bring Up the Bodies. I saw the two books, as plays, in London earlier this year. On the same day, matinee and evening performance so it was ...

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It’s Time – the Whitlam Era

13 November 2014 | Living

▲ Maureen and I arrived in Australia – on the beach at Exmouth on the North-West Cape of Western Australia – on 7 December 1972. In a few weeks time that will be 42 years ago. ▲ Exactly five days earlier Gough Whitlam had been elected Prime Minister with the electi...

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IMG_8989 - plastic crow - 540

More Backyard Birds

11 November 2014 | Living

There’s always lots of bird activity around my place in Australia, this time of year I can watch my courtyard blackbird and my computer screen at the same time. Last year I noted the first blackbird chicks had hatched out and were contemplating departure at the end of...

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IMG_8358 - joggers, descent from Mah on Shan - 270

Climbing Mah On Shan in Hong Kong

10 November 2014 | Places

Between my recent visit to Shanghai and to Guizhou Province in China I stopped in Hong Kong to meet some friends and climb a little mountain. Hong Kong has a surprising amount of countryside and walking trails and lots of peaks you can climb, to peer through the China...

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IMG_2076 - meter - 270

Tech Challenges

8 November 2014 | Living

▲ At Hong Kong Airport these warning signs appear on all the escalators. You’ll also hear regular warnings on the MTR – the Hong Kong subway system – to pay attention to the outside world, not to focus all your attention on your phone. These mobile/cell phone warnings...

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An Innocent Abroad - 270

An Innocent Abroad

7 November 2014 | Media

There’s a new Lonely Planet travel book about to hit the shelves – An Innocent Abroad – and I’m one of the 35 contributing writers. My tale, Cabbage Soup, involves arriving at a campsite on the Yugoslavian Adriatic Coast back in the Tito days and discovering the campe...

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IMG_8678 - pi-pa player at Jiaxiu Pavilion - 270

Guiyang in Guizhou

6 November 2014 | Places

My Guizhou travel, with the village of Dali as the main focus, started and finished in the capital city, Guiyang. There are direct flights to and from Hong Kong and there’ll soon be a high speed train service linking Guiyang with Guangzhou. ▲ The Jiaxiu Pavilion in...

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IMG_8525 - Rentuan drum tower & covered bridge, Zhaoxing - 540

Zhaoxing in Guizhou

5 November 2014 | Culture

Global Heritage Fund are working on the preservation of Dali, a Dong minority village in Guizhou province, but tourism has already arrived at some corners of the region. Notably in Zhaoxing, described in the Lonely Planet China guide as the ‘quintessential Dong villag...

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IMG_8621 - old men 270

Dali – a Dong minority village in Guizhou

31 October 2014 | Places

My Guizhou trip was involved with Global Heritage Fund’s work in the region. Guizhou is one of the most ethnically mixed regions of China with minority groups making up more than a third of the total population. The biggest group are Miao people, closely related to th...

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