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Travel Highlights

30 December 2010 | Places

It's my annual look back at the year's travels. This year I started with Museums & Galleries, moved on to Cars & Bikes, then Animals & Wildlife, followed by Big Buddhas, 10 Books, Beaches, Aerial Views, Music and Weird Sightings, Great Signs. I’ll concl...

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27 December 2010 | Culture

In 2009 I caught four great rock concerts – Leonard Cohen and then Neil Young in Melbourne, Van Morrison at the Albert Hall in London, Al Stewart in Newcastle in northern England. Rock-wise nothing hit the same high in 2010, not even U2 on their 360º tour when it came...

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Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi

5 May 2010 | Media

I’ve been a Geoff Dyer fan for some time (is there a better book about being young and footloose in Paris than Paris Trance?) and this one pushes all the Dyer buttons. Riffing on the big issues while indulging in sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, going off on yet another w...

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