Weird Sightings, Great Signs

29 December 2010 | The rest

It's my annual look back at the year's travels. This year I started with Museums & Galleries, moved on to Cars & Bikes, then Animals & Wildlife, followed by Big Buddhas, 10 Books, Beaches, Aerial Views and then Music. Some very strange (and sometimes wo...

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Flying to Australia 5

2 November 2010 | Places

The last leg of our multi-stop London to Australia flight didn’t start or end the way it was planned. In F-to-A 1 I wrote about the history of flying to Australia. F-to-A 2 went from London via Jersey, the south of France and Malta to the Greek island of Crete. F-to-A...

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Flying to Australia 4

23 October 2010 | Places

Our trip is taking 25 days and makes 22 stops along the way. It's organised by the small Australian operator Heron Airlines. My first posting on the trip was an introduction to the history of London to Australia by air. Flying to Australia 2 covered the trip from Lond...

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Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi

5 May 2010 | Media

I’ve been a Geoff Dyer fan for some time (is there a better book about being young and footloose in Paris than Paris Trance?) and this one pushes all the Dyer buttons. Riffing on the big issues while indulging in sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, going off on yet another w...

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