Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – 12 Countries with no Covid-19 at all

21 July 2020 | Living

There are a dozen countries where Covid-19 has yet to arrive, places where there have been zero Covid-19 cases and, therefore, zero Covid-19 deaths? Really? ◄ Given how much bad press the island group gets I was surprised how much I enjoyed my visit to Kiribati. It...

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100 Places You Will Never Visit

25 October 2012 | Media

Daniel Smith adds to the list of travel list books – Lonely Planet has certainly done a few of them – with 100 Places You Will Never Visit. In fact some of them you probably won’t want to visit – terrorist would prefer to avoid Guantánamo Bay, ditto for drug smugglers...

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In Flight

15 April 2012 | Transport

Aircraft Names    The Qantas A380 fleet is named after famous Australian aviators. Their first A380 was named after Nancy Bird Walton. That was the aircraft which suffered an engine explosion out of Singapore in 2010 and spent over a year on the ground in Singapore b...

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