Hotels – The Worst One & Some Good Ones in 2009

15 December 2009 | Living

The worst hotel of the year? McAlpine House in Broome, Western Australia. In 2009 I stayed in about 70 different hotels in 16 countries. Many of them were strictly one night stands although there were a fair number of two or three nighters, the longest visit was six n...

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Faroes Photo Album

20 June 2009 | Places

From my recent trip to the Faroes I’ve posted blogs on the pretty little village of Gjógv and the island of Mykines, the place to go if you want to see puffins. I also spent some time in the capital city – Tórshavn – drove around all the major interconnected islands (...

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Gjógv – Faroe Islands

8 June 2009 | Places

I’m staying in the very pleasant (and busy too) Gjáagarður guest house/youth hostel in Gjógv. It’s a very pretty little village, but that’s no feat … every village in the Faroes is very pretty. They all look like the toy villages in some kid’s model railway, neat li...

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