Poppies in Kuta Beach, Bali – really hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic – and how to help

21 June 2020 | Living

The Covid-19 Pandemic continues to rage with some countries – pretty much all of Europe – getting the numbers down while in others – like most of South America – the numbers are still climbing dramatically. Plus there are fears of ‘second waves’ showing up. The econom...

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Revenge of the Sheep – or Sheep Schadenfreude

28 May 2020 | Living

Australia still has borders closed between some of the states and there’s much discussion over when they will open or if it’s even legal to keep a border closed. When there’s talk of a ‘Trans-Tasman Bubble’ between Australia and New Zealand – separated by the Tasman S...

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More Locked Down in Melbourne – and my virus test

25 May 2020 | Living

Well I’ve posted about where I haven’t been going, about my empty city of Melbourne and where I have been travelling recently – walking and cycling along Melbourne’s Yarra River. ▲ And visiting Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. It was a rare opportunity to see a de...

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