Tony’s Coronavirus Notes & Novak Djokovic

16 January 2022 | Living

Lots of Covid-19 Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security report noted recently that Greece (3,418), Ireland (3,927), San Marino (4,364), Andorra (4,554) and Cyprus (4,855) had all set new records for ‘per capita incidence per million population of new C...

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Covid-19 Rapid Testing – Lateral Flow or Antigen Tests

21 September 2021 | Living

One of the pandemic pleasures of life in Europe – as opposed to Australia or the USA – is access to rapid testing – more formally known as Lateral Flow or Antigen Tests. ▲ In London you can pick up a free batch of 7 NHS test kits and test yourself anytime you want....

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Dark Tourism to Covid Sites?

20 September 2021 | Living

‘How Long Before Covid Tours Become Part of the Dark Tourism Trend?’ asked the travel newsletter Skift. Too soon was the article’s conclusion, you can’t visit disaster sites (which is what Dark Tourism is all about) when the disaster is ongoing. One day in the future,...

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The Global Tourism Crash & other talk

17 September 2021 | Media

Even in the pandemic and even without getting out on the road – and I’ll be reporting on some Greek Islands travel shortly – there’s often travel talk from at home. On Wednesday 15 September I joined Darrell Wade of Intrepid Travel, Gemma Sisia who runs the wonderf...

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The Circumference of my World

27 August 2020 | Places

Right now my world has a 5km radius. The Covid-19 Stage Four Lockdown we’re currently suffering under in Melbourne, the capital city of the Australian state of Victoria, has three main rules: 1. Mandatory mask wearing anytime you’re outside your home 2. An 8pm to ...

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