The Circumference of my World

27 August 2020 | Places

Right now my world has a 5km radius. The Covid-19 Stage Four Lockdown we’re currently suffering under in Melbourne, the capital city of the Australian state of Victoria, has three main rules: 1. Mandatory mask wearing anytime you’re outside your home 2. An 8pm to ...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – State of Disaster

2 August 2020 | Living

Earlier today – Sunday 2 August – Daniel Andrews, the State Premier of the Australian State of Victoria (that covers where I live in Melbourne), announced that Victoria was a ‘State of Disaster’ and as a result our Covid-19 lockdown has been amplified. Apart from wear...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – Donald Trump: Australia has Tremendous Problems

31 July 2020 | Living

Trump, the world’s favourite president, announces that Australia has ‘tremendous problems,’ here’s the story in the Sydney Morning Herald. "This resurgence in cases is occurring throughout large portions of our planet — in Japan, China, Australia, Belgium, Spain, F...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – different speeds?

26 July 2020 | Living

The New York Times had a story on Arizona’s Covid-19 story, which is effectively ‘a large-scale version of a clinical trial.’ Like assorted other states Arizona opened up too early, the cases, the hospitalisations and the deaths have shot through the roof, but now the...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – the Gulf States … and Singapore

23 July 2020 | Living

Fairly early on in the pandemic it became clear that something weird was going on in the Arab Gulf State. And in Singapore. ▲ Singapore old and new, the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands with its ‘swimming pool across three towers.’ These countries have large ‘guestw...

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