Vladimir the Great of Ukraine – and others

18 April 2014 | Culture

▲ I like statues of national heroes popping up far from home. Near my home in London this statue of the Ukraine national hero St Volodymyr (aka Vladimir the Great) has been flower bedecked recently as the struggle with Russia grinds on. It's on the corner of Holla...

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Dolman Award Books – Take 2

25 June 2012 | Media

I’m chairing the panel of judges for the 2012 Dolman Travel Book of the Year Award, the annual award for the best British travel book. I’ve covered the first three contenders in an earlier blog. The next four on my reading list from the entrants: When in Rome – Mat...

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Bad Lands … and Bad Lands II?

26 August 2007 | Media

Bad Lands – my account of travels along George Bush’s ‘axis of evil’ (Iran, Iraq and North Korea) plus six other assorted ‘interesting’ nations (Afghanistan, Albania, Burma, Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia) is available from Lonely Pla...

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