Bad Lands … and Bad Lands II?

Sunday, 26 August 2007
Bad Lands coverBad Lands – my account of travels along George Bush’s ‘axis of evil’ (Iran, Iraq and North Korea) plus six other assorted ‘interesting’ nations (Afghanistan, Albania, Burma, Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia) is available from Lonely Planet  and in 'all good bookshops.

Meanwhile I've been thinking about a follow up - a Bad Lands II. I'd add more African countries (that's been a complaint I've been hearing about Bad Lands I) so in could go Congo-Zaire, Somalia and Zimbabwe. Perhaps Haiti in the Caribbean and Colombia in South America. Syria because Mr Bush really doesn't like that country. And Israel-Palestine of course. Pakistan because that's probably where you'd find Mr bin Laden if you could track him down. And how about some troubled places in the Pacific, like Papua New Guinea and Nauru. Sounds interesting?

Click here for a radio interview I recorded for the Australian broadcaster SBS.

There’s also a UK review by Rory Maclean (author of The Magic Bus) on the Guardian Online website and a feature in the Times Online.