Moose Watching

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Moose from my car window ▼
Moose from my car window

Our Canada book sums up the Newfoundland moose situation: ‘Moose are vegetarians, eating about 22kg of twigs and shrubs a day. Newfoundlanders are not vegetarians, eating about 22,000 moose a year.’ I took this moose photograph after I’d stopped my rent-a-car to let this handsome bull moose cross the road.

Moose warning sign ▼
Moose warning sign

No problem, there are at least 100,000 moose in Newfoundland, possibly twice that number. And it isn’t only hunters who encounter them, you’ll see plenty of moose warning signs, like this graphic illustration of what your car looks like after a moose-collision.

Moose checks in ▼
Moose checks in

My final moose encounter as I departed Newfoundland, this gentleman arrived at the Deer Lake airport check in toting his trophy moose antlers. ‘Shot it yesterday.’