Africa Projects – Uganda & Somaliland

10 August 2022 | Living

My recent Africa travels to Uganda, Somaliland and Djibouti was really straightforward tourism, three interesting countries I had never been to before. But I also squeezed in several days of ‘project,’ visiting projects the Planet Wheeler Foundation had supported, or ...

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Somaliland & Djibouti – Cars & Planes & Other Distraction

8 August 2022 | Transport

Somaliland to Djibouti So how do you get from Somaliland to Djibouti? Check Travel Scanner or Google Flights and you will be told the only way is via Ethiopia with Ethiopian Airlines. In fact you can fly direct in about 40 minutes with Air Djibouti – the Red Sea Airl...

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Somaliland – Las Geel, Berbera, Sheikh & Dhagax Khouré

5 August 2022 | Living

My Somaliland travels started in the capital Hargeisa and I returned there between excursions which started with Las Geel, easily the country’s major tourist attraction. If Somaliland had more than a handful of tourists that is. ◄ The Las Geel turn-off is about 50k...

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Somaliland – now what is it, where is it?

4 August 2022 | Living

Don’t confuse Somaliland with Somalia. Once upon a time the horn of Africa, that sharp elbow pointing east below the Arabian Peninsula, was all Somalia with France, Britain and Italy maintaining colonies. The French bit to the north was French Somaliland and now is th...

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The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah

1 February 2018 | Media

The story line in The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah is straightforward – Adam Levinson scores a job as program coordinator for New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus and uses his time in that UAE capital as a springboard to explore the region – Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq,...

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