Just 8 Countries Left?

Monday, 20 May 2013

When you’ve been nearly everywhere which countries are likely to be left? Of course first you have to decide how many countries there are. Some of us count rather more than the 193 the UN can muster. It’s a topic I mused about last year in How Many Countries.

There are a surprising number of people intent on going to every country on earth and every now and then I bump into one of them. A few years ago a ‘going everywhere’ friend commented that he had only 2 left to visit and I was pleased to hear I was ahead of him with at least one of them, I had already been to Pitcairn Island. It’s not a UN member.

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▲ Pitcairn Island in 1998

Last weekend a friend emailed that he was planning to knock off his last remaining 8 countries during the next year. That’s the list to the left. Visiting Nauru in 2011 I bumped into another traveller on an ‘every country’ quest and he was down to his last 8 as well, the list on the right. I’m way behind both of them although I have visited, Angola, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Rwanda and Saudi Arabia.

  1. Angola                                                               Angola
  2. Chad                                                                  Burundi
  3. Comoros                                                           Chad
  4. Congo-Brazzaville                                            Rwanda
  5. Equatorial Guinea                                           Saudi Arabia
  6. Gabon                                                               Somalia
  7. Sao Tome & Principe                                      Uganda
  8. Seychelles                                                         Yemen