People & Places – South Sudan

2 June 2024 | Places

My visit to South Sudan featured a fascinating visit to ‘Lucy,’ the gigantic Jonglei Canal excavator, and unfortunately did not include a stop at the Imperial Airways Shambe flying boat base from the 1930s. I only saw that from the air, I would like to have had a look...

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Just 8 Countries Left?

20 May 2013 | Places

When you’ve been nearly everywhere which countries are likely to be left? Of course first you have to decide how many countries there are. Some of us count rather more than the 193 the UN can muster. It’s a topic I mused about last year in How Many Countries. There...

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How Many Countries?

20 May 2012 | Places

Every now and then I bump into somebody who’s busy trekking around the world putting a ‘been there’ tick beside a list of every country in the world. You can have arcane arguments about what ‘been there’ means – is the airport transit lounge good enough? But the start...

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Goma – Congo’s tourism central

10 July 2011 | Places

▲ The lava lake in the Nyiragongo Volcano. I’ve been kicking around Congo DRC with a sidetrip to the other Congo, Congo Republic (aka Congo Brazzaville). I’ve covered Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Brazzaville and Kisangani and my final stop was Goma, right on the border ...

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