Eastbound Day 7 – 50 miles – At the Grand Canyon

Friday, 1 April 1994

Someone’s fallen over the canyon edge and the walk down into the canyon has been closed for the day Maureen announced. Oh no, I said.

April fool!

Down into the Grand CanyonSo we did walk, down the Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge and about an hour beyond. It’s listed by the park authorities as strenuous but at this time of year it’s just a pleasant stroll with some really fantastic views. When we got back to the canyon rim the Caddy refused to start, the first time on this trip it’s given us any trouble at all. I had to hitch a ride back to the ‘village’ with some friendly Germans to get help but a mechanic had it going again in minutes and hopefully I’ve learnt how to handle a flooded Caddy if it should happen again.

In the afternoon we drove westward along the South Rim Drive, pausing at one lookout for a party of Japanese visitors to photograph each other posing beside the Cadillac. All the park accommodations were totally booked out so we transferred to a motel in Tusayan, just outside the park boundaries. Dinner at the Steakhouse in Tusayan rivalled Stove Pipe Wells in Death Valley for lousy food. The restaurant is colorful and fun but the food is truly awful. Take-outs from McDonalds, also in Tusayan, and a bottle of wine would probably have provided a far better culinary experience at a quarter the price.