Cuban Restaurants – still at the cutting edge

Monday, 25 April 2016

On my 2014 visit to Havana I suggested that Cuba could be the world’s next hot restaurant destination. Two years later there are even more interesting places to dine although I found myself returning to familiar haunts:

IMG_6470 - entrance, La Guarida - 540
IMG_6464 - La Guarida - 270La Guarida – the ‘lair’ or ‘hideout’ – was a good place to start, since I was in Cuba with the archaeology organization Global Heritage Fund and the entrance to the restaurant feels like some sort of ruin. Or archaeology site.

◄  Then upstairs it’s flash restaurant with a cutting edge kitchen that wouldn’t be out of place in Sydney, New York or London.





The artwork would fit right in as well. ▼IMG_6457 - La Guarida - 540

IMG_1403 - La Guarida bar - 540IMG_6201 - Casa Miglis - 540▲ And ditto for the rootop bar.

◄ Casa Miglis was also a return trip, there’s clearly a place for everything on the Cuban restaurant scene including Swedish-Cuban fusion.





Art also features at Paladar los Mercaderes. ▼IMG_6189 - Paladar los Mercaderes - 540