Melbourne – Cars, Restaurants, Coathangers

5 June 2021 | Living

Locked down in Melbourne I’ve been pedaling my bicycle around and thinking about places with – for me – a Melbourne history. I’ve lived in Melbourne for far too long, a lot of those years in Richmond, a ‘suburb’ which went from Struggletown – I’m reading that book at ...

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Cuban Restaurants – still at the cutting edge

25 April 2016 | Living

On my 2014 visit to Havana I suggested that Cuba could be the world’s next hot restaurant destination. Two years later there are even more interesting places to dine although I found myself returning to familiar haunts: ▲ La Guarida – the ‘lair’ or ‘hideout’ – wa...

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Summing up 2014 – restaurants

12 January 2015 | Living

I’ve run through my favourite theatre, films, hotels and books of 2014 – now on to the restaurants.▲ Ivan Justo in Havana The best – amazingly the year’s most interesting dining experiences were in Havana. A batch of places with interesting food, interesting décor ...

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