Jingdezhen – Day 28 on the Silk Road by MGB

1 May 2017 | Places

▲ Our MGBs lined up in front of our hotel in Jingdezhen ▲ Jingdezhen as been a centre for Chinese pottery and ceramic works for nearly 2000 years. There are constant reminders of that history from shops to sculptures of ceramic workers on the bridge across the Chan...

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Yichang – Day 26 along the Silk Road by MGB

28 April 2017 | Places

Never heard of Yichang? Nor had I until I got here. Well it has a population of 4 million and it’s the jumping off point for the Three Gorges Dam, which we visited today. It’s another Chinese city with energy, buzz, life and clearly a lot of disposable income. The fla...

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MGBs on the Silk Road to London

19 April 2017 | Transport

I’m driving an old MGB to London, following the Silk Road on a trip that will take us through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, and assorted countries in Europe. ▲ Here’s our route on the door of my car...

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The 50 Best Towns in China

16 December 2015 | Media

Back in my Lonely Planet days I always found it exciting when one of the company’s foreign language partners produced a Lonely Planet book which had never been published in English. Even though they looked recognisably LP. The 50 Best Towns in China is definitely in t...

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That’s China

25 December 2014 | Culture

Mark Kitto started a what’s on magazine for expatriates in Guangzhou in the late 1990s, expanded it to That’s Shanghai and then That’s Beijing and then had the whole business taken away from him. One day he was locked out of his own office and told that despite all th...

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