Toilets in China

Friday, 26 May 2017

One of the pleasures (or at least conveniences) of travel in China today is the huge number of public toilets. Once upon a time they were hard to find and when you found one you often wished you hadn’t.

◄ Toilet sign in Pingyao

Now they seem to be everywhere and they are generally (but not always) clean and well kept, although you may have to make do with a squat. Usually there will be a token ‘pedestal’ toilet for non-squatting westerners, typically one in five or one in 10 at larger establishements.

▲ Toilet sign in Xian

On the tollroad ‘highways,’ which I spent so much time on during my Silk Road MGB odyssey across China, there are always toilets. Often with helpful signs ,,,

▲ … like this one admonishing men to step closer to the urinals.

▲ same message.

▲ but what on earth did this one mean, don’t hurry perhaps?

▲ Other useful signs, perhaps ordinary children have washing facilities somewhere else?

▲ There are also bathroom fitting ads.

▲ But get far enough away from civilization and standards can quickly drop, reminding you that elements of the old China can still be found. This was the men’s at a rest stop between Dunuang and Hami.

▲ Inside? Well you really don’t want to know about it.