Just Some Weird (or Nice) Stuff

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

IMG_2314 - riverside shoe 270◄ Carrying a phone you’re always taking photos you wouldn’t normally grab, if you’re not in the habit of carrying a camera constantly. Like this baby shoe I spotted on my morning riverside jog in Melbourne. Clearly some sweet little brat had taken the shoe off and hurled it away. The funny thing was a half km further along the river, where I came to its pair.






IMG_0825 - Kensington striped house - 270

n the UK people excavating under their houses to build mega-basements has been an ongoing debate with neighbours complaining about disturbance, noise, subsidence, damage, cracked walls, you name it. Here in Kensington the neighbours complained about a basement project and the angry would-be-basement-builder took her revenge by painting her house in red and white stripes. ►




Always nice to jog by the Kyoto Gardens in London’s Holland Park, particularly with kites fluttering in the breeze. ▼IMG_0891 - Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park - 540

IMG_0846 - Karl Marx moneybank, Saatchi Gallery - 270◄ In the Saatchi Gallery shop in Chelsea I noted these Karl Marx piggybanks.










I stop at Kanteen, a café by the Yarra Riverside in Melbourne on my way back from the gym each Friday mornings and read the fresh-on-my-iPad new edition of The Economist. Thirsty dogs are also catered for. ▼IMG_2726 - Kanteen, dogs - 540
IMG_5127 - Kim, North Korea - 270◄ Making fun of the North Korean Kim dynasty, a billboard ad for a student publication in Melbourne.  The North Koreans can be touchy, last year in London a barbershop posted a picture of Kim Jong-un, the tubby North Korean despot, and suggested they could give you a better haircut. Amazingly the North Korean embassy was nearby in this unremarkable west London suburb (not in glitzy Mayfair, Knightsbridge or Kensington, like most respectable embassies) and an embassy representative duly turned up to complain.





IMG_0987 - Free Word Centre, Farringdon - 270The Free Word Centre in Farringdon in London provides a daily definition. ►