Guiyang in Guizhou

Thursday, 6 November 2014

My Guizhou travel, with the village of Dali as the main focus, started and finished in the capital city, Guiyang. There are direct flights to and from Hong Kong and there’ll soon be a high speed train service linking Guiyang with Guangzhou.

IMG_8396 - Jiaxiu Pavilion on Nanming River - 540▲ The Jiaxiu Pavilion in the middle of Guiyang

Hitting the sights in Guiyang  means the Jiaxiu Pavilion on a rock in the Fuyu Bridge in the middle of the river and the Cuwei Gongyuan temple-pavilion-garden complex on the riverbank overlooking it. There’s not a lot to see in Guiyang.

IMG_8681 - Nanming River from Jiaxiu Pavilion - 540IMG_8678 - pi-pa player at Jiaxiu Pavilion - 270▲ City lights – modern Guiyang from the Jiaxiu Pavilion at night

◄ On the last night I returned to the temple to enjoy tea – served with some ceremony and accompanied by a pi-pa performance – on the terrace beside the pavilion. The modern city provided a backdrop.

The city also has a small stretch of preserved city wall around the Wenchang Pavilion . Tai chi and kite flying both happen here in the morning.▼IMG_8417 - city walls - 540