Upcoming events

Dark Lands final 271Dark Lands came out in 2013 and it continues to feature in talks I’m doing. Along with other topics of course!

Dark Lands took me to Colombia, Congo DRC, Haiti, Nauru, Pakistan, Palestine-Israel, Papua New Guinea and Zimbabwe and as the blurb says:

Travelling along that popular Axis of Evil led to Tony Wheeler’s Bad Lands, now he’s going further into the dark corners of the world as he explores a line up of troubled nations. Along the way he worries about failing outboard motors in the Pacific, gets stoned (with the thrown variety) in Palestine, scores a speeding ticket in Zimbabwe, gets arrested for photographing a bar in the Congo, visits Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad in Pakistan and tracks down the wreckage of Pearl Harbor ‘architect’ Admiral Yamamoto’s aircraft in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

 Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 August 2014 – I’ll be at the Book Passage Travel Writing weekend in sunny Corte Madera just north of San Francisco.

Thursday 14 August –  730-9 pm –  I’m the opening event, in conversation with the wonderful Don George

Friday 15 August – 2-330 pm –  on a guidebook writing panel

Sunday 17 August –  1-2 pm –  a session on Travel that Makes a Difference

Monday 18 August – 7 pm at the Commonwealth Club in San Jose – I’ll be down the other end of the San Francisco Bay talking about Dark Lands with Marc Castro. More details to follow.

Friday 22 August – 6-730 pm at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne – I’m talking travel books (as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival) with Don George, Californian travel editor extraordinaire.

Saturday 23 August – 10 am to 5 pm at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne – Don George is recreating his Book Passage travel writing weekend from just one week earlier in Corte Madera on the San Francisco Bay. I’ll be talking travel writing with Don and Lee Tulloch first thing in the morning and then I’ll be part of the travel writing panel for Q&As at the end of the day.

Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 September 2014 – It’s the Brisbane Writers Festival, Brisbane, Australia and I’ve got three gigs:

Saturday 6 September – 1130 am-1230 pm – My Ancestors Table: the food rituals we have inherited from family and cultural tradition. I’ll be talking with Hinemoana Bake & Lauren Beukes.

2-330 pm – Inspire: Adventure – Inspiring stories of people who have experienced adventure of all kinds. This time I’m on with Bradley Garrett & Mark Visser

Sunday 7 September – 10-11 am – The Road Less Travelled: experiences travelling and working off the beaten track. Taling with Tom Bamforth.