Upcoming events

2017 concluded with talks in Myanmar and in San Francisco. At the moment I’ve just got a couple of engagements lined up for 2018:

Startup Grind
16 January 2018 from 6 pm I’ll be speaking at Startup Grind at MYOB, 167-169 Cremorne St, Cremorne 3121 in Melbourne, Australia – business and travel. I’ll include my 2017 journey along the Silk Road from Bangkok to London (via China and 4 of the 5 ex-Soviet ‘stans) in an elderly MGB.

▲ The National Geographic Explorer

Land of the Ice Bears: An In-depth Expedition to Arctic Svalbard
23 May to 2 June 2018 Maureen and I will be on the ship National Geographic Explorer exploring this polar outpost and I’ll be talking travel and about Global Heritage Fund, my archaeological connection. If you want to join in check the Lindblad website for the full story.