Wednesday, 23 December 2015

IMG_2521 - Affandi's Mitsubishi Galant - 540▲ My 2015 travels also took me back to Yogyakarta, Indonesia’s ‘cultural capital.’ Yogya painter Affandi ‘s home has been turned into a museum and art gallery, his exotically customised Mitsubishi Galant is just as colourful as the paintings. I didn’t get outside the city to the region’s two big attractions – Borobudur and Prambanan – although I did on my previous visit in 2010.

IMG_2509 - Kraton pedal cars - 540▲ More cars in the laneways around the palace or Kraton where I discovered somebody manufacturing pedal cars like this Smart copy, VW Beetles were also popular.

IMG_2556 - at night, Jalan Malioboro - 540▲ At night Jalan Malioboro is still the neon-lit centre of activity for the town.

IMG_2546 - becaks, Jalan Maliobo - 540▲ And I was glad to find the city’s becak (bicycle rickshaw) pilots were as busy as ever.