Women Behind the Wheel

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Australian daily email newsletter Crikey summed up the announcement that women would be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia fairly succinctly:

  • The brutal theocratic regime of Saudi Arabia is suddenly everyone’s favourite fundamentalist gang of war criminals after announcing — in a specially coordinated announcement at home and in Washington — that it would be joining the 19th century in allowing women to drive.

Don’t hold your breath on this story either, the new ruling doesn’t come into effect until late June 2018. And it’s possible there may be other restrictions, I’ve read that women will not be allowed to drive after 8 pm at night and the new law will only apply to women over 30. I’ll correct this if that is incorrect.

▲ Here’s my daughter Tashi behind the wheel of my Silk Road MGB recently as we drove across Iran.

I continue to be astonished at how Iran gets such a bad rap from the DOTUS – Dotard of the United States – aka Donald Trump – when Crikey can quickly come up with this list of ‘some things that women can do in fundamentalist Iran that they can’t do in Saudi Arabia:’

  • Vote for the country’s president;
  • Hold parliamentary and ministerial positions;
  • Have high-profile careers in the arts;
  • Drive professionally as taxi drivers, bus drivers and racecar drivers;
  • Perform on stage with men and
  • Not get executed for sorcery.