Weird Signs

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Khunming Shopping Centre Sign

Signs in ‘Engrish’ are found in great numbers in both Japan and China. They are always interesting and I found quite a few when I travelled through China in May 2005. This was one of my favourites, instructions for leaving your bag with the security staff at a shopping centre in Kunming. Some more favourite signs and information about our book Signspotting follow:

Sign SpottingI’ve always liked photographing weird signs and over the years I’ve built up quite a collection. Ten favourites follow, if you like them then look for Doug Lansky’s Lonely Planet book Signspotting:



Pot hole reporting - Thimphu, BhutanThimphu, the capital of Bhutan, is a well equipped city, there’s even a place to report pot holes.

Bonky Parking - Hong Kong





Bonky Parking was across from the old Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong.




Off the Bicycle - Xian, China

Completely straightforward, there’s no politeness involved when it comes to dealing with bike riders in Xian, China.




Shoot robbers - New Delhi, IndiaDitto for robbers who try this house in New Delhi, India.




Pee Cola



It certainly is a real drink, I came across this Pee Cola ad in southern India.




Stake & Robster - Okinawa, Japan


Ah the troubles those Ls and Rs can cause in Japan where I found the Stake & Robster Restaurant in Okinawa.

Trash that Child - Parnu, Estonia



This must be the place where you trash unwanted children in Parnu, Estonia.








Slimy Beach - Beirut, Lebanon


Slimy Beach in Beirut, Lebanon didn’t look that bad.





Fairy Crowd Restaurant - Tibet

I guess this restaurant in Tibet knew exactly who their market was, the Fairy Crowd.





Chinese Fleshpots - Lhasa, TibetDitto for this Nightclub and ‘Fleshpot’ in Lhasa, Tibet.