Two more lost bags

Friday, 1 February 2008

Emirates baggage tagIn December I had two lost bag events in the past 12 months. Now it’s three. This time it was Emirates which left Maureen’s bags behind in Dubai (I was already in London), they had plenty of time to transfer the bags from one flight to the next so I guess the excuse was that it was pouring with rain. Until recently rain was a very unusual occurrence in the United Arab Emirates. In these climate-changed days it seems to happen much more often, but perhaps it’s still such a shock that everything falls apart when things get wet.

The bags didn’t arrive in London until the next day, but although it was hopeless phoning to ask where they were (the Emirates’ lost baggage phone number transferred you to an answering machine which was full up!) the Menzies Aviation ‘delivering lost baggage’ website was terrific. And accurate.

• Bag 1 arrived at London Heathrow 18-1/2 hours after Maureen and took another four hours to the hotel
• Bag 2 arrived at London Heathrow 30 hours after Maureen and took another three hours to the hotel