The ‘Dangerous Market’ at Maeklong near Bangkok

Thursday, 6 April 2017

I’m in Bangkok, Thailand and about to set off on a three month trip, I’ll be putting up more on that in a couple of week’s time. Meanwhile some Thailand observations starting with the ‘Dangerous Market”. Maeklong is on the coast in Ratchaburi, just south-west of central Bangkok, and right outside the train station is a market. According to the T-shirts on sale in the station it’s the ‘Umbrella Folding Market,’ but it’s also known as the ‘Dangerous Market.’

IMG_2742 - Dangerous Market, Maeklong -540▲ From the Maeklong Station the railway line runs right through the market and the market traders array their wares right down to the rail side.

IMG_2748 - Dangerous Market, Maeklong - 540▲ Until a train appears, a green flag from the station warns of its departure.

IMG_2753 - Dangerous Market, Maeklong - 540▲ At the last minute traders roll their wares back out of the train’s path and fold away awnings.

IMG_2752 - Dangerous Market, Maeklong - 540▲ Just made it. Some things displayed at ground level don’t even need to be moved, the train passes right over them. Seconds after the train has passed everything is back in place.