Talk & Travel – Singapore & Komodo

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

This year was Singapore’s 50th birthday and TEDx Singapore featured talks from Singapore’s history over that half century: The Undiscovered Country. I spent a few days rediscovering Singapore old and Singapore new and then spoke at the TEDx conference about my nearly 50 year (43 actually) connection as a tourist visitor to the island nation.

TEDx Singapore - 540▲ When I first came to Singapore public offices featured signs announcing that ‘Males with Long Hair Will Be Attended to Last’.

IMG_4818 - Tony on Gila Lawa Darat, Komodo Islands - 540▲ The week before Singapore I was in Bali at the Ubud Writers Festival and the week before that I was on a boat trip around Indonesia’s Komodo Islands. Rachel Lovelock was also on the boat and wrote about my travels in Exotiq magazine.