Socotra – Weird Trees, Goats, Vultures, Fish

29 March 2020 | Places

Before returning to Australia for a statutory 14 day spell of self-isolation I was on the Yemeni Island of Socotra, staying in its main town, Hadibou. Socotra has been described as the ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean,’ but it’s the plant life which is of greatest inter...

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Hadibou – the largest town on Socotra, Yemen

26 March 2020 | Places

Hadibou – the largest town on Socotra Island and the capital of the island's eastern district – was my base while I travelled around that fascinating Yemen Island. ▲ The Central Mosque – I heard rather too much of this mosque during my stay in Hadibou. That’s the v...

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Socotra – the Island of Dragon’s Blood Trees

22 March 2020 | Places

‘Want to go to Socotra?’ my friend Simon Calder, eccentric travel editor for the London Independent, asked me in May last year. ‘Absolutely,’ I replied. I mean, what self-respecting traveller wouldn’t want to go to Socotra? ‘Right,’ said Simon. ‘Just send £800 a...

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The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah

1 February 2018 | Media

The story line in The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah is straightforward – Adam Levinson scores a job as program coordinator for New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus and uses his time in that UAE capital as a springboard to explore the region – Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq,...

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Ten Takeaways from 2017

3 January 2018 | Living

1. Nuclear conflict versus twitter conflict – the word of 2017 for me is dotard, the word is a winner on so many level. It also won for Kim Jong-Un, he was a clear victor over Donald Trump in their twitter battle. Why bother with nuclear war when you can win on a much...

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