Wells-next-the-Sea – seaside perfection in Norfolk, England

18 October 2021 | Places

◄  It’s wonderful how places in England are ‘upon’ – Newcastle-upon-Tyne or Stratford-upon-Avon – or ‘on’ – Henley-on-Thames or Bradford-on-Avon – or ‘by’ – Saltburn-by-the-Sea – or even ‘next’ – like Wells-next-the-Sea – where I went to stay with some friends recentl...

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Jeju Olle

14 November 2011 | Places

Maureen and I went to Jeju, the holiday island dangling off the southern end of the Korean Peninsula, for the World Trail Conference, a get together for walking trail organisers and administrators from around the world. ◄ with Suh Myung-sook While we were in Jej...

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25 December 2010 | Places

To be honest I’m not really a beach person, I get bored sitting around and even without visiting any beaches I get too much sun during the year. Nevertheless I had several great days on an assortment of fine beaches on the Brazilian island of Fernando do Noronha and l...

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