New Zealand – Auckland & a quick look around Wellington, but not the walk I planned

16 December 2023 | Places

The train trip from Auckland via the volcano-studded centre of the North Island of New Zealand went as planned. As did some museum visits in Auckland. The walk I’d planned at the Tongariro National Park didn’t go so well. . ▲ TEAL Solent ZK-AMO, MOTAT, Auckland . ...

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Auckland to Wellington with Kiwi Rail on the Northern Explorer 

9 December 2023 | Transport

During the course of 2023 I’ve been on trains in 12 different countries – in date order in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, England, Spain, Belgium, France, Monte Carlo, Italy and Switzerland. There could have been a 13th – Bulgaria – but there was a group ...

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Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Regions

30 November 2010 | Living

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2011 stirred up the usual interest on its release. Assorted cities (including Tel Aviv and Australia’s Newcastle – not the British version) noted their inclusion in the ‘Top 10 Cities’ category. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, vis...

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