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Courtyard Blackbirds, Backyard Dragon

13 March 2019 | Living

We often have birds nesting in our courtyard in Australia, it’s totally enclosed so they’re safe from cats and other intruders. The last few years it has been blackbirds, which are an exotic, ie not a native Australian bird. This year they produced not one, but three ...

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Backyard Wildlife

20 March 2017 | Living

I regularly comment on the wildlife that appears in my backyard (or my internal courtyard) and in 2015 I wrote about the Gippsland Water Dragon which had taken up residence. Again this year there has been no nesting activity in the courtyard, but there certainly has b...

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One Water Dragon – no backyard birds

8 December 2015 | Living

Usually around this time of year a bird nests in my house’s courtyard, it’s been blackbirds (which are not a native Australian bird) these past couple of years. They’re often nesting in October and sometimes raise more than one brood. One year I noted the chicks’ depa...

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Animal Life in 2009

22 December 2009 | Living

I've been posting some 'end of 2009' lists in an assortment of categories, starting with Aerial Views, then with Hotels (good and bad), Other Transport, Music, Cars & Drives, Galleries & Museums and Books. Today it's my Animals & Wildlife of 2009. There...

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