USA Visa Bans & ESTA Disqualifications

23 January 2020 | Living

It’s rumoured that Donald Trump is about to add seven countries to his visa hit list. I’ve been to all but one of them, five of them in the last five years. 2018 07 – Belarus – yeah, I know it’s ‘Europe’s last dictatorship’, but I found it thoroughly interesting an...

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Tit for Tat – or Reciprocal Fees

1 June 2010 | Living

Transiting Buenos Aires recently I encountered this sign in the immigration area at the air- port. Canad- ians were up for a single entry fee of US$70 if they wanted to enter Argen- tina. For Aus- tralians it was US$100, but not single entry, pre- sumably once they’d ...

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Why we cut up our credit cards

3 March 2010 | Living

I was in Bali from 15 to 20 February, Maureen was having an important birthday and we’d convened a family get together in Ubud to celebrate. We were paying for it so during our visit there were assorted ATM withdrawals, nine charges to my Visa credit card and two to...

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