French Island – a strange island in Victoria, Australia

17 January 2023 | Places

Three years ago I wrote Tony Wheeler’s Islands of Australia for the National Library of Australia. It was a wonderful project to be involved with, starting with the discovery (why didn’t I know?) that Australia has more than 8,000 islands. More than the 28 nations and...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – How Bad is Bad?

22 August 2020 | Living

How big do the numbers have to be to for things to be really bad? Here’s a Victoria (state of Australia), Florida (state of USA), UK comparison. I’m 20 days into the Australian state of Victoria’s ‘State of Disaster’ lockdown – so tomorrow we’re half way into our s...

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The Winton Wetlands & more Silo Art

19 June 2020 | Places

Silo art has become an attraction all over rural Australia in the last few years. Check this website for an excellent overview of the story all over the continent. In April last year I spent two days following the silo art trail in the Wimmera region in the north-west...

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Victoria’s Silo Art Trail

15 April 2019 | Places

Head out to the north-west of the Australian state of Victoria and you come to a lot of flat farmland, dotted with a scatter of small towns – country towns in the Australian parlance. The area is known as the Mallee and part of it as the Wimmera. They’re regions that ...

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Kayaks on the Upper Yarra

9 February 2012 | Places

The Yarra River is so tranquil as it flows past my place, close to the centre of Melbourne, Australia’s second biggest city, that it’s hard to believe there are rapids further upstream. I’ve been out on the Yarra – the ‘muddy Yarra’ as it’s usually described – wi...

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